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planting sunday

May 21, 2023

A National Day of Prayer and Giving

Because people without Jesus are LOST.
Because God has given us the mission of RECONCILING lost people to him.
Because the best place for people to encounter Jesus is in NEW CHURCHES.

University Church of Christ and Kairos Church Planting invite you to pray for and participate in Church Planting Sunday on May 21, 2023.

We are all witnessing the decline of Christianity in America. You can help reverse this trend and fulfill God’s mission to spread Good News through helping start new churches in your neighborhood and across the country.

Three Asks

  • Pray for the 40 days leading up to this event.
  • Dedicate a short time of prayer on Sunday, May 21, for the mission of beginning new churches and campus ministries in America.
  • Show a short video at your May 21 service.
  • Preach a sermon on church planting, evangelism, and outreach that Sunday.
  • Take up a special collection for Kairos as we continue to equip new leaders.
  • Provide special encouragement for any church planters you know.

Resources for Church Planting Sunday

Daily Prayers

Click below to download daily prayer prompts starting on April 12 and ending on May 21.

Video Introduction

Lessons for May 21

Click below to download Bible Class Lessons for use on May 21.

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