Emerging Training Leader

The Emerging Leader Training series is designed to help emerging leaders move into leadership. They can be used by:

Established churches who want to raise up leaders from within their own ranks. The modules are self-directed with the help of a missional director from within your home church.

Young leaders with potential to become church planters. The modules combine knowledge, theology, and practical experience to give the emerging leader a well-rounded training.

Anyone who wants to gain practical experience as a leader. Each module culminates in a strategic assignment that dovetails the module’s learning into a feet-on-the-ground project.

Each module takes approximately 6 months to complete:

Module 1 | Spiritual Formation: The Foundation

​The Spiritual Formation module guides you through an assessment of where God has brought you thus far in your life. It points out areas where your spiritual life needs strengthening and it opens you to God’s preferred future for you as he molds you into a Christian leader.

Module 2 | Leading Others: Sharing Faith

The Sharing Faith module gives feet to your faith as it leads you through a series of activities to help you gain experience talking to people about your own spiritual journey and listening to them talk about theirs. The module culminates in you leading a team of volunteers in conducting a seeker group.