Strategy & Church Renewal Labs

If you need strategies to accomplish your mission…


If you are not managing risks well…

If your church is experiencing a transition in leadership, ministries or core strategies…

If you don’t have a system to track the health of your church…


If you cannot articulate your church’s mission, vision, and values…

Then our Strategy Lab or the Church Renewal Lab are the place for you.

Strategy Lab or the Church Renewal Lab is where the abstract becomes concrete, where big dreams become workable plans. If you are planting a new church or campus ministry, or working to grow or revitalize your current church, these labs will bring your dream into a visible, actionable ministry plan.

We will help you identify the areas in your church that are inhibiting growth, or identify potential challenges for a new church plant. Once these challenges are identified, we can help you work through how to overcome them.


  • You will participate in a cohort as part of your preparation for the lab.
  • You are expected to complete some prep work before the lab. You will share your own unique situation and vision with the group before working on the unique ministry plan for your particular project.


  • The cost per person is $297, or $497 for 2 or more from the same church. We strongly encourage you to come as a team and not as an individual.
  • If you or your church is working within the Kairos network (as a planter, StratOp or Heritage 21) this fee is already paid.

Upcoming Strategy Labs

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