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Our mission of raising up leaders to reach lost people with the Good News that Jesus loves them and offers them a new life depends on the generosity of donors.

This year, we are looking for 100 new people to give $100 a month. You could be a 100 for 100 member. If you join, you will be helping . . .

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FIND people far from Jesus
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TRAIN them to be new workers for Jesus too.

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Your gift will make an eternal difference in someone’s life. Jesus left his followers with instructions to go, teach, baptize, and make disciples. You can help us do exactly that.

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Kairos Welcomes Mike Cope To Its Board!

Bruce Bates, DMIN

We are excited to announce that Mike Cope has joined the Kairos Board of Directors. Mike brings a wealth of experience and insight to our mission of reaching lost people for Jesus through new churches and ministries across America.

Kairos Executive Director Bruce Bates says, “We are thrilled to have Mike on our Kairos board!  For decades Mike has preached across our country, teaching us, and befriending us in Jesus.  He has a great passion for churches that can help people hear the story of the cross for the very first time.  Mike brings his wisdom, his connections and his sense for partnerships in the Gospel that our world is so needing at this time.”

Mike serves as the Director of Ministry Outreach at Pepperdine University, where he directs the Harbor program, Pepperdine’s annual Bible lecture series, and oversees three pioneering initiatives generously funded by the Lilly Endowment: “Compelling Preaching,” “Thriving in Ministry,” and “Thriving Congregations.”

Mike has served as a minister for 34 years. He preached at College Church of Christ in Searcy, AR, for 7 years, and then at Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, TX, for 18. For 15 of those years, he also taught as an adjunct professor at Abilene Christian University. He is a published author of five books and served as editor of Wineskins Magazine for 12 years, where he helped shape the conversation about how Christians and churches respond to a changing world with the unchanging Gospel.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Mike Cope. We are deeply grateful for his willingness to lend his wisdom and passion to the mission of Kairos Church Planting and are excited to see how God will use him in his service with Kairos.


New Churches for New People in New Places

Let’s do THIS!

As I travel around the country, I hear the same thing over and over. “We need a revival.  We are long overdue!”  There is a deep longing for something new.  We are hungering for the Holy Spirit to set fire to everything, to fix our conversations, our relationships, our finances, our infrastructure, and, most especially, our faith.

At one level there is nothing wrong with our faith.  Jesus is firmly implanted on the throne. Yet, why do the majesty and miracles of heaven at times feel so far from our experience?  Where is the transformation that we read about in Scripture?  What are we missing? 

We can experience the majesty of God once we embark on the mission of God!  Scripture and our stories at Kairos confirm that we will see lives transformed, the sick healed, the wounded restored, and the saddest become joyful when we, with broken hearts, fully surrender ourselves to the one who is calling us homeward. 

Kairos is actively working to plant new churches in Tucson, Ft. Worth, San Diego, and Boston.  Would you like to see God’s majesty? Perhaps even some miracles?  Come along and partner with us!  Like the shepherds to

Bruce Bates, DMIN

the manger, let’s go together and behold what the Spirit of Christ is doing!  I am firmly convinced if we partner together for the mission of God that we will see the majesty of God.  Let’s Go!  Let’s do this!  Whether sending someone or being sent yourself, let’s be on the mission of God!

Bruce Bates, Executive Director

No One Plants Alone!

The Kairos approach to church planting is deeply relational, individualized and nurturing, with a focus on developing leaders to tap into their gifts and the unique needs of each community.

We will guide you, pray with you, and walk beside you through your entire journey as you LEAD, PLANT, and GROW.

Leaders Assessed

Leaders Trained

Churches Planted


Lives Changed

Lives Changed!

Kairos has been involved in planting churches who meet in public marketplaces, restaurants, school buildings, or anywhere else there is potential to reach others and spread the love of Jesus. We have assisted in the planting or growth of churches across the United States and training more than 250 leaders

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* International work includes Angola, Canada, Guatemala, Panama, and Australia. We are currently concentrating our efforts and resources in the USA.