Discovery Lab is an intense interview for potential church planters, campus ministers, and other ministry leaders. Discovery Lab candidates spend many hours leading up to the lab taking a battery of assessments in order to help the interview team give them the most accurate feedback possible. 

​The interview team also spends a lot of time reading up on and praying over the planter candidates before anyone arrives at the lab. Once we get together, it’s an intense time of questions, answers, project presentations, and blessings!

Discovery Lab will challenge you like few events you’ll ever experience. All of this preparation and energy goes into answering 3 questions:


Am I capable of being a church planter or ministry leader?


Am I ready to start the process of planting a church or build a new ministry from scratch?


Is Kairos a good fit for me?

Discovery Lab Process

STEP 1: Self-Assessment and Initial Conversation

Take the self-assessment and talk to someone at Kairos to determine if Discovery Lab is right
for you.


STEP 2: Commit to the Process

Decide which Discovery Lab you’ll attend and make your deposit.



STEP 3: Pre-Lab Assignments

5 Cohort Nights
Discovery Lab Application
Church Planter Profile Assessments
Prepare Story and Worship
Pay Lab Fee


STEP 4: Attend Discovery Lab

5 days, 4 nights (in person)
or 7 weekly meetings online
Story and Worship
Group Project
Interview Questions
Relationship Building
Immediate Feedback


STEP 5: Post Lab

Receive Report
Discussion on Next Steps


Kairos runs Discovery Labs twice a year. These labs are by invitation only. After you have taken the self-assessment, we’ll set up a a time to talk about if attending a Discovery Lab is the right step for you.

Upcoming Discovery Labs

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