One of the best ways to become a healthy, successful minister is to serve in a healthy, growing church. Several church planters and campus ministers in the Kairos network have taken on interns and apprentices. Just as mentors poured into them, they are pouring into a new generation of kingdom workers.

Today, Kathleen Short, ministry intern at Luminous City Church in San Diego, shares some thoughts from her first weeks of training.

What do you hope to learn as a ministry Intern?

I hope to learn more about Jesus, such as his story, his promises, and his way of life. I want to witness and be a witness to others in how Jesus is changing our lives. I want to improve in all aspects of life better through his way, but especially in relationships with others.

I also want to learn how the church and ministry run and sustain as primarily a volunteer organization. I look forward to learning new tools and skills while continuing to practice the skills and gifts I already have. I can’t wait to learn how I can help others do the same with their spiritual gifts.

Lastly, is how we can best serve our community.

How does your position as a ministry apprentice serve the church?

I feel like my staff position is helping the church by sustaining its existence in a community that can greatly benefit from doing life and community with other believers. I also believe that what I bring to the church is not only a comprehensive set of skills that help multiple areas of the ministry, but also a different perspective on how we can best serve others in and outside of the church based on the variety of ways of serving others in my career.

What are the most important things you’ve learned in your first couple months as a ministry intern?

The most important things I’ve learned in my couple months as a staff is learning:

  • when to step up and step back
  • to follow my Pastors’ lead
  • when to speak, not to speak and when to listen
  • to take a back and supportive seat when running the show
  • to be over communicative with all parties involved
  • how to show up in my role, with others, and in life

Kathleen Short started her internship at Luminous City Church (now Commons Church) in the fall of 2022.