Crafting Solutions to Your Church’s Challenges

Coming Fall 2022

Are you frustrated by your church’s lack of growth? Does inertia seem to be in control? Do you want to see new people bringing new life into your church? Then Craft Lab is the place for you.

This intensive lab will help you identify the areas in your church that are inhibiting growth. Once you’ve identified your challenges, we’ll help you work through how to overcome them.


  • ​The cost per person is $297, or $497 for 2 or more from the same church. We strongly encourage you to come as a team and not as an individual.
  • If you or your church is working within the Kairos network (as a planter, StratOp or Heritage 21) this fee is already paid.


  • You will participate in a cohort as part of your preparation for the lab.
  • There will be several tutorials you are expected to complete to prepare you for the lab. Bring this prep work with you to lab to share with our other lab participants.