Is God Calling You To Plant A Church?

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Is Your Church Looking To Its Future?

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KAIROS CHURCH PLANTING exists to recruit, equip and support church multiplication leaders to plant new churches of Christ — that will plant more new churches — and launch regional church planting movements.

Latest from the Kairos Blog

5 Practices of a Great Volunteer Team Builder

August 15, 2016

Great team builders are great volunteer recruiters. Churches are volunteer based organizations. No matter how great the staff or well staffed a church is its ability to sustain itself and accomplish its mission is dependent upon a large base of engaged volunteers. And perhaps even more challenging, the larger the church the larger the percentage […]

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4 Keys to Preach to Unbelief

July 29, 2016

Preaching to the context of unbelief has not been normal. Try to find a book on the topic. Google: Preaching to Unbelief. You won’t find much. Yet in our country where the Nones (those religiously unaffiliated) are the fastest growing segment of religious identification if we don’t learn how to preach to unbelief we will […]

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Millenials on God

June 9, 2016

Almost every church I visit and talk with today is beginning to realize that if they’re going to survive long into the future they have to become millenial oriented. Adjusting to a millenial viewpoint is not a simple matter of changing worship times, or seating, or adding a new song or two to the music […]

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Emerging Leader Training Modules

The Emerging Leader Training modules are designed to give potential church leaders the opportunity to put feet to their faith. Learn to grow as a leader or how to train up leaders in your church.

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