Is God Calling You To Plant A Church?

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Is Your Church Looking To Its Future?

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KAIROS CHURCH PLANTING exists to recruit, equip and support church multiplication leaders to plant new churches of Christ — that will plant more new churches — and launch regional church planting movements.

Latest from the Kairos Blog

A Special Event: Baptisms at the Ryman Auditorium

April 27, 2015

Remember that TV old announcement “We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a  news update?” Sometimes something happens that is so significant, so worthy, that we’ve got to interrupt our regular schedule to recognize it. Such an event happened this Wednesday following Easter: The Ryman Auditorium experienced its first baptisms in eighty years The Ethos […]

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How’d your church perform in 2014?

April 21, 2015

Is that a provocative title or what? For some reason the idea of “church performance” is not one that we think about or operate from. Is it that performance is not really godly (look at how many prophets had a miserable performance record, at least by response)? Maybe it’s that performance is based on measuring […]

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The Launch Season of Planting

March 30, 2015

Kairos coaches around three seasons of planting: Groundwork sets the foundation for planting. Launch initiates the basic church processes for evangelism, discipleship, and worship. Grow develops the systems practices that help the church break through early growth barriers. Each season has a critical set of activities and goals that must be accomplished for the new […]

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Emerging Leader Training Modules

The Emerging Leader Training modules are designed to give potential church leaders the opportunity to put feet to their faith. Learn to grow as a leader or how to train up leaders in your church.

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