Is God Calling You To Plant A Church?

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Is Your Church Looking To Its Future?

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KAIROS CHURCH PLANTING exists to recruit, equip and support church multiplication leaders to plant new churches of Christ — that will plant more new churches — and launch regional church planting movements.

Latest from the Kairos Blog

5 Ways Ministry Role Descriptions Will Help Your Church

November 3, 2016

This post is by Stan Granberg, Kairos Executive Director   How many ministry job descriptions does your church have written? Whoa! That’s a boring topic. My experience is that few churches have job descriptions written for more than their hired staff. But spending the time to write job descriptions for all your ministry leaders may […]

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Why is My Church Not Planting New Churches?

October 6, 2016

This post is by Stan Granberg, the Kairos Executive Director. Is that a bold question to ask? Why do I think I know so much that I can assume your church is not planting new churches? I do it with 97% certainty. Before I answer the question here’s a quiz for you to take: How […]

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5 Levels of Pastoral Care You Need to Know

September 28, 2016

This post is by Stan Granberg, the Kairos Executive Director. “At what point did pastoral ministry become so draining, so challenging, that a gifted veteran would question his ability to go the distance or cause a bright and talented newcomer to consider dropping out of professional ministry?” Lilly Foundation, Sustaining Pastoral Excellence, p. 3 Today’s pastors […]

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Emerging Leader Training Modules

The Emerging Leader Training modules are designed to give potential church leaders the opportunity to put feet to their faith. Learn to grow as a leader or how to train up leaders in your church.

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